Producing Some Tandom Rhoughts.

Ahh. Zis iz not a very good day friends. In the heat of the afternoon, I almost died from my own piercing drops of sweat due to zat damn big yellow-orange sphere up high in the pure blue sky. The temperature vaz not zat normally warm. Yez, it vaz warm enough so that you would want to take off your shirt to cool off, but at the same time, too hot zat your sweat will feel like asphalt burning right under your pores. Zis iz why I hate going out of the four walls of our house (or room. for that matter) unless there’s something important to do.

Zis iz one of those days when a sudden burst heavy rains. a thunderstorm perhaps, would be a really, really big blessing just to freshen up the ground.

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Summer’s about to be washed away by sudden thunderstorms and flashfloods in select areas of the metro. June is about to start making it’s way in students’ minds, and pockets, to give them the feel of spending half of their day staring at the clock waiting for dismissal time. Alarm clocks will soon be ticking endlessly once more, while the students and perhaps even workers who set these alarms state their unique excuses to themselves (those ‘five minutes’ that go on for hours) just to temporarily escape the fact that they should be opening their eyes to start the day. Hence, they end up arriving late for their first class. Admit it, you’re one of them.. Err.. You’re one of us.

Usual routines haunt us back, as we try to struggle through everyday life’s hustle and bustle come the hectic schedule of paperworks and other ‘important’ matters for them, at the least. We’ll get to see friends again, some people we missed, some not really. Books, uniforms, the usual pen-borrowers, paper parasites, teacher and student-crushes, stories of beaches and sloths (summer did not really say goodbye just yet), and the like. Ecstasy (not the drug) engulfs the air as the long wait for classmates to see each other again will soon be lifted come enrollment day.

I’ll be starting trying to get myself together again. This time, it will be a bit easier. Hopefully. Now it’s really time to say goodbye, summer. Lol.

Why So Soon?

So much to say, but..



Bloggers who’ve already known me from previous homes that I’ve had may ask, “Why the sudden move?” Sure, I may have many reasons, but in reality, that ‘driving force’ (the thing which actually enables you to write, call it whatever you want) to write something may have slipped away from me these past twenty seven days. Tiring it may seem, I’ve been wanting to recreate my old blog, with all the colors and that, but I was also thinking of something clean (exactly what K-2 lite gave me) that’s why you’re seeing it again here, just rendering homage to a different blog title, and perhaps even a new header, once I get my neurons working on a concept. Just give me time to think things over. I may even end up changing my themes again. (The header above is temporary, (FYI)

I can’t even think whether I would announce this new blog to others, or wait until someone notices, whatever. With all the new add-ons and widgets people (including me) put in their blogs nowadays, putting everything again here seems hard enough. The thought of registering this new blog in all search sites, announcing to all known friends and online buddies to change their links (if they will ever do it), makes my second personality (Yes, I have MPD: just count the open and close parentheses in this entire post, you’ll realize it) tell me: “Don’t change blogs now, you idiot. You think your fellow bloggers would have the time, perhaps even the effort to change your goddamn URL just for this blog? (Yaya) You’re such a loser.”

Well, How should I say this? This post is getting longer (ironically, the post title is well.. short) as I go typing everything about the blog alone. What more if I told you things about me? To cut it short, I’m literally taking chances on getting your trust back (if you ever had, at least) to me and my blog. And so with that, here goes my new ‘home.’ With that, there’s nothing left to say but,

“Hello, world.”


Bukod sa walang kwentang post na to na nagsasabing wala na naman akong magawa sa buhay, eto ilang araw na lang hinihintay ko. Ano hinihintay ko? Hulaan niyo. Medyo nawawala na naman ako sa blogosphere, dahil iilan lang ang update ng blog na to. Kelangan may pasabugin akong malaki sa susunod na buwan o di kaya bago matapos ang buwan na to. Mantakin mong kelan ko lang pinalitan ang header sa tuktok, antagal na nung huling comment, natapos na ang iBlog4 na hindi ko man lang nasaksihan dahil sa planning seminar namin na masaya rin naman kahit na nagcommute ang iba (kasama ako) papunta at pauwi. (Mis)adventures na naman.

Ay, yung title. Kamusta? Kung ako tatanungin Ok naman ako. Ikaw? Comment ka kahit maikli lang tong binasa mo. Sayang naman pumunta ka pa ng blog ko. Lol. Bibigyan ko ng cheeseburger ang una. As if magkikita tayo.


The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards is almost here.

AND, they’re now open for nominations. So much to say, but just click below.

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iBlog Four

Hello World. Short post ahead.

Lol. I hope the title already said it all.

Here’s to hoping I can still come.

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