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Screw you, blog. I was never expecting that I would turn you down in this unexpected manner. You have been the first and perhaps the only outlet for my thoughts and feelings towards everything. You have been my notepad, my diary, my planner, and my long-term memory. Damn. The thought of leaving you kills me already. Not.

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Killing Time

The author of this blog is on LEAVE. You can blame it on that thing called ‘academics’ as much as you like, but he cannot continue without dropping either writing or reading (books and notebooks, that is). Once he returns, expect a number of wordy paragraphs made up of plain nonsense. In his behalf, I thank you for still visiting this blog of his, despite the long time interval between updates nowadays.

For now though, it’s about time to bid goodbye. He will be gone indefinitely, but for sure he will return – perhaps just like how Sylar did his.


After a few weeks since she passed it on to me, I managed to remember Karla‘s veeery wonderful tag. Well, it saved my creative juices, for now.

Here you will witness some of the truths about the ‘Arnel’ behind the blogosphere pseudonym. They may not be that influential to developing good terms with me, but I guess it could still be of help. Some may be unbelievable, though I suggest that you better believe them than not.

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Flashbacks Galore

Disclaimer: This entry is for entertainment purposes only. If ever the spoofed names and words used are too offensive, I take the full responsibility to apologize sincerely to the original bearers. Happy New Year, everyone.

[I highly suggest that this be read whole-heartedly, in true Visayan fashion.]

Ay susko dong. Kadaming mga plasbak bah sa kung saan saan eh. Kakasawa baga. Hinde naman mababago na, kase deba nangyari na lahat ng pagdadakdakin nila don. Tolad na lang niyang away away bah. Esa-esahin naten yan detu sa sarele kong yirender dong. Kala nela sa kanela lang oso yun hah, kwistyonmark ikskalameysyon poyn?! Oso ren yan sa enternet ba. Dame na nga segurong blager na naggawa ng ganeto eh. Hole na ata ako. Dyanwareto na nga eh. Let na ako sa Nuyer.

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