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It Won’t Be Long

It’s March.

For the past weeks, many things have happened. Three group activities now over, two majors almost done, a hiking/swimming field trip to Banahaw, some 8-minute flash reports zoomed in 1 hour, the USC elections’ campaign and other usual controversies just ended (started?), my laptop getting infected by a virus and all other things senseless enough to be mentioned here happened in just a span of approximately twenty days.

All of them, wiped out by a sole cup of coffee with some blockmates. A million laughs thrown, just because of that Bb. Pilipinas World winner’s answer being imitated by a seemingly professional Melanie Marquez quoted friend. Not to mention that comic relief inflicted by some serious-looking meanie imitating another blockmate’s childish voice.

Three hundred million molecules of saliva went flying in the cold atmosphere of Coffee Bean, just around six ‘o clock in the evening. There’s nothing to do but to sit there and fix the WiFi connection of someone else’s laptop, while looking out for some funny antics done by Robinson’s Manila frequenters and some other passers-by.

Soon, something will happen again. Oh by the way, don’t you think it’s unusual for me to post at this time of day? Thanks to that transport strike, we do not have classes today. Feels great. Lolz.



Sometimes, some a lot all of us commit errors. Hey, since nobody’s perfect, its absolutely inevitable. You may ask why we are still not able to progress while others do. Only a few are intelligent enough to admit them, most are not. When i say admitting, I always include the factor of correcting that error, not passing it to somebody else. That is another topic, I must say. If you would like to take your stand, click below. If not, still click. Who knows, this might open the doors of your mind in a way, if not re-open them.


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The Wrong Pair Of Shoes

Two days of nothing but laughs, endless shots of wine and a sleepless night. Neon lights of green, red and blue wandering around the four corners of a very special place, for a very special someone. The dance begins.

Eighteen roses.


And I was the twelfth.

Sure, I had a lot of debut parties that I have already attended. It’s just that, I never knew I could dance like that. [This is more likely another long post. Thank you for the advanced and longer patience this time, I’d appreciate it.]

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Getting Crazy Back

Eleven talented groups. All from one college. Forty-five long years, and our beloved college is still standing proud. Another show on the silver screen has been a success. Almost. Unfortunately an accident occurs as a lively performer falls down on stage. Worse, the victim belongs to our group. But this did not stop our block to do our best. She even became our inspiration to go on and do all that we could, hence dedicate the rest of our performance to her.

Luckily, she walks (not literally though) away without a fractured bone. Well, a hurting butt maybe. But nah, the block (and someone else special perhaps?) loves her and that’s all that matters. And as for you, see you tomorrow, dear blockmate. And I do hope all’s well by then.

(This is obviously a totally random post. I’m still tired from all the laugh trip we’ve had. I’m sorry if you’ve been expecting.)

All That Boom

Time surely flies. It’s already November and Christmas is fast approaching. But then hey, I think New Year is coming faster than we thought it is. I guess you know what I mean. (Glorietta 2, Bacoor, Batasan Pambansa anyone?)

Well, I’m still looking for that ‘boom’ in my second semester of my 2 years existence in this university. It has been quite a lame start, so far. And so this ends my lame post. I’ll be off for some hardcore brain-sucking.

Voice Without Poise

I knew it. I am not meant for public speaking. I will never be able to fight stage fright. I never had, and never will have the guts. How I wish I did.

Just this week, I almost got the hang of Running Out Of Saliva, thanks to the speeches (impromptu and extemporaneous) that we had to well, deliver for the sake of our grades in Comm3. Oh, when combined, their weight in terms of percentage is more than the exams, mind you.

Impromptu was on Monday, Extemporaneous speaking on Thursday. That single fact of having to deliver two very important speeches in just a three day interval immediately sent shivers down my spine. Looks like it’s going to be quite a long week. And when I say it’s long, it’s going to be THAT long.

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Interview, Wee

Mugrats and ATL

Anna Theresa Licaros rocks.

Aside from beating the heat of a scorching Friday afternoon and enduring the traffic in the street of EspaƱa and the once dreaded crossings of the academic oval in UP Diliman (simply because of a single P.E. subject), seven excited, yet nervous students of UP Manila made their way to Diliman for a rare chance of meeting up with the current Binibining Pilipinas-Universe for a small interview that they need for Comm3.

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