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It’s thirty minutes past five in the afternoon. I was trying to elude the tense air that was trapped inside our house, while reading the July edition of Reader’s Digest when suddenly I sensed some movement from the environment outside. The once calm wind turned into a batch of strong gusts, bringing along some leaves from the trees standing tall in the neighborhood. Droplets of water started to pour afterwards. After a long time, finally, the thirsty ground gets its well-deserved drink.

My concentration on reading the book was diverted all of a sudden. I turned my eyes on the window pane, and watched the raindrops falling gently from the sky to the pale ground. As the rain got stronger, my mind took its opportunity to break away from reality.

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A Hundred Forty Minutes Of Headache

I woke up this morning with an imaginary 5-ton trailer truck running around my head. When I looked at my phone’s watch, it was just seven o’ clock in the morning. Since we won’t have our first subject at 8:30, I decided to lay my back on the sofa to sleep again for a few minutes, hoping to feel better the instant I wake up. I’ll just go to school three hours before our next class to copy share answers in our lab exercise. I closed my eyes, with the plans already solid in my head. (Or not.)

Minutes turned into hours, and still my head hurts. Though the pain was reduced by the sleep that I got, I still didn’t have the energy to stand up. I checked my phone’s clock beside me, and it read 8:57. My class is supposed to be one o’ clock in the afternoon, so I still had time to rest once again. A plan started to form again inside my aching head. I’d get myself some more sleep, wake up at ten, and step out of the house by eleven. Smart move? No, no, no. I woke up later than what I have scheduled, and so I had to rush everything that I had to do before leaving. It even worsened my headache, not even allowing my body just to sit up from my position. I had to give up my plans of going to school, and sleep until the feeling fades away. Yes, I was absent today.

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Another Day At The Sauna

It’s thirty minutes past seven in the evening. I’ve been spending some time watching news about whatever President Arroyo said in her recent State Of the Nation Address earlier this afternoon. I can’t help but listen to the report, since I was too tired to switch channels anymore, and I was lying down on the sofa to rest. So here goes nothing. Oh, and please note that these are only my opinions, you are free to criticize whichever way you like, but don’t be harsh on me. I’m not a member of the media nor critics, anyway.

Well basically, almost everything was scripted during President Arroyo’s speech. It’s not that I’m purely anti-administration, but really, it’s obvious that the words she uttered were only about the positive points of the administration in the past year. Every sentence was rehearsed, every clap by the audience was timed and counted. Worst of all, the government had selective hearing and speaking during the full 56 minutes of the SONA. Rallies were held under control by the police until the president finished her ‘magnificent’ speech.

I just hope that whatever she’s cooking for us right now would come out good enough for everyone in the country. Well honestly, considering the number of projects for our country, I do not expect them to be accomplished. They would be more likely dreams for some, they’re way too far from reality. Yes, there may be many strong points included in her speech, but how about the weak ones? Won’t they concentrate on them the next time around instead of concealing it?

I highly doubt it if she’ll get a high grade for her report card.

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Forty Winks of Flashback

Standing at the front porch of our house while sipping a cup of ice cold coffee, I was daydreaming about the good old days in high school and my first year in college. It sure was five whole years of a really exciting joyride. So exciting, that I do not even know how all of it started.

Everyday wasn’t really a hassle back then – we even had time to do homeworks and review sessions while already inside the school premises. Homeworks can easily be done, thanks to the nerds who kindheartedly shared their blessings to the lazy yet humble (I suppose the phrase to be positive enough.) people – those who ‘forgot’ and ‘did not have time’ to finish them at home (If you’re going to ask, I am not one of them. :P) Even quizzes, group activities and reports were of no exception. Everyone’s helping each other out – problems are solved hand in hand, jobs are divided into simpler ones and then shared among the class. That bonded us together.

Even professors were fun, either literally or figuratively. Some are entertaining enough to motivate us to work hard in his/her subject, some may have the looks that captivate the eyes of girls, or boys in that case. Yet, most of the time, some display funny expressions visible enough for the whole class to laugh and joke about. Mean enough? Not only professors, but even faculty members were of no excuse, thanks to a Foundation Day/Week (depends on the mood of our principal then) that we celebrate, a time when everyone gets a chance to say what he/she has to say – through plastic balloons filled with water.

We even had time for play, as if education and student life were actually the ones disrupting our time as joyful teenagers, instead of the other way around. Early dismissals, thanks to some lazy professors, were turned into additional gaming time, as to avoid getting caught by the dark while still in the busy streets of the Metro. Though playing the games were actually influencing our study habits, amazingly we’re still able to muddle through periodic and those crucial achievement exams, to help protect the pride of our beloved high school. That’s one proof that we still had the time and energy to study, despite certain distractions that we encountered during our stay in high school.

College, as some people say, may be that difficult, but during my stay as a freshman, I still had fun. Though the block was not that close yet at that time, I was sure enough that after three years, it would be like everyone’s not a stranger at all. I had to say thanks to special shows, events and games held in our college, our block managed to climb its way up to imaginary fame. In just a short span of time, friendships were built, and issues flew everywhere in the four corners of the room – issues which made class discussions more fun and interesting. I couldn’t ask for more, and I couldn’t thank my blockmates enough than to have them as subjects in select entries at my old blog. College was actually the reason behind my blogging, as I have told during the early times. I still have more or less two years to struggle my way through it, by the way.

Well, many things have happened during those five years. And I’ve experienced enough to face the reality that these things will never happen again. The good thing though, was that it did happen once. That would be more than enough for me. And whenever I think about it, I guess living a normal student life isn’t that hard after all.

It’s been a while since I last did this ‘reminiscing moments’ thing. Mind you, my nose ran out of blood already, thanks to those exams that I recently took this week. Now you’re expecting me to have tears running down my cheeks? Forget it. What I want is a good night’s sleep, just one – and I want it now.

But my alter-ego says: “If you want to get some sleep, why are you sipping a cup of coffee, and why are you here, writing this entry?”

Actually, he has a point there.

Space and Time Continuum

Yes my friends (and enemies, perhaps), the so-called blog leave was actually a lie. He was hiding all along. As some of the former readers of the first book of his life were shocked after his unexpected announcement, he’s here again, trying to write about the new misadventures that he will face in his second year in college.

Leaving the old airport behind, he decides to start his blogging life anew. Despite certain obstacles, which we’ll hide in the name of ‘majors,’ amazingly, he still finds time to do all this blogging stuff. And thanks to almost one year of writing paragraphs and paragraphs of select events in his personal life, he was able to gain online and real time friends, and socialize with the other people of the metro; a feat he seldom does. Though there were many reasons behind hiding for a while, there were more for coming back. That’s why turning back from writing was not an option, for it was his blog that turned him into a better person (I think so), using the comments he receives from his readers to help him along the way.

I guess that’s fairly enough welcome for him, don’t you agree? Well yes, the pilot may have quit his job – but someone better comes along and manages to take his place. And so with that, I can finally say,

“We meet again, blogosphere.”

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