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A New Perspective

For the past fourteen months that I have been blogging and bloghopping, I have been used to reading articles written by other bloggers. Using catchy words and titles to grab the attention of other people, most of them have certainly influenced their readers around the country and for some, the world.

But then as the years pass by, new features sprout out of the minds of the blogosphere’s writers. New ideas came to life, thanks to the existence of the media. What was once written and read can now be rehearsed and watched. One’s thoughts and opinions can now be literally voiced out, and shown to the citizens of the internet.

It was inevitable. Starting from the endless stream of thoughts by bloggers put into writing, to capturing still photos, up to making their voices heard via podcast, some of our very own Filipino bloggers have now stepped up to the next level of entertaining their audiences by filming and directing their work. Now, not only can their entries be heard, but also seen.

Welcome to modern blogging vlogging.

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Closing Time

The sembreak air gives us students the chance to do anything we want, when we want and for as long as we want. Watch shows from the what was then forbidden television for some until the wee hours of the night. Play addictive games with people you don’t really know, well just for the fun of it. Face the computer and chat with friends miles away, or maybe meet up with them. Or perhaps, simply lie down on your bed while reading a funny book. We are free to do everything, for at least seven days and seven nights. That is offered to us once every school year . We would gladly want to make the most out of it.

We do it all for the sake of one or two weeks deviation from what we call ‘reality’ – that is, the reality of the last four or so years of studying for our so-called future.

Happy sembreak, everyone.

Nosebleed at its Finest

I know this is not the right time for this but really, just now, Ward 7 returns. It has been a while, a long one actually. They will appear again in this ill-fated blog from time to time. Hoo-rah.

As always, a note from the author:

[ The following entry which you are about to read is absolutely fictional. The names are all created in the mind of the author. If you happen to be the owner of one of the names, do react immediately. This post is the second ‘letter’ made by a former patient of Ward 7, who found heaven in the company of his fellow patients. Like what I have said before, do not get carried away, or else.. you know what will happen to you. And of course, you do not want that. ]

Now, shall we begin?

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Having a Laugh Affair

I have been receiving tons of jokes and other kinds of humorous messages lately. From simple jokes to pickup lines to dialogues to famous Inday nosebleed quotes and jokes, you name it. It has been spreading like a disease up until recently. I do not know too, if it is just coincidental, but my recent speech (extemporaneous) in Comm3 was also about humor. Well, I opted to choose it anyway.

But really, what’s with my ‘laugh’life right now?

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Panic at the Desktop

Because of my stupid mouth hand in commenting at Karla’s post about a free view of her desktop, she also tagged me. Now as you are about to see, here’s a free view of my own desktop as this blog’s new post. So, I might as well join the bandwagon of screenshot tags. [EDIT: one more thing, as I was typing this entry, I accidentally typed Talamasca‘s title! Heck, sorry about that.]

Scroll just a little bit more and click.

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Voice Without Poise

I knew it. I am not meant for public speaking. I will never be able to fight stage fright. I never had, and never will have the guts. How I wish I did.

Just this week, I almost got the hang of Running Out Of Saliva, thanks to the speeches (impromptu and extemporaneous) that we had to well, deliver for the sake of our grades in Comm3. Oh, when combined, their weight in terms of percentage is more than the exams, mind you.

Impromptu was on Monday, Extemporaneous speaking on Thursday. That single fact of having to deliver two very important speeches in just a three day interval immediately sent shivers down my spine. Looks like it’s going to be quite a long week. And when I say it’s long, it’s going to be THAT long.

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Interview, Wee

Mugrats and ATL

Anna Theresa Licaros rocks.

Aside from beating the heat of a scorching Friday afternoon and enduring the traffic in the street of EspaƱa and the once dreaded crossings of the academic oval in UP Diliman (simply because of a single P.E. subject), seven excited, yet nervous students of UP Manila made their way to Diliman for a rare chance of meeting up with the current Binibining Pilipinas-Universe for a small interview that they need for Comm3.

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