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Sometimes, some a lot all of us commit errors. Hey, since nobody’s perfect, its absolutely inevitable. You may ask why we are still not able to progress while others do. Only a few are intelligent enough to admit them, most are not. When i say admitting, I always include the factor of correcting that error, not passing it to somebody else. That is another topic, I must say. If you would like to take your stand, click below. If not, still click. Who knows, this might open the doors of your mind in a way, if not re-open them.


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The Usual

[Some cryptic message.]
I have a problem. If you want to help, leave a message below. Let’s talk.


It’s been days again since I last posted. Loser.

But hey, I am definitely not out of the game yet. I’ve been reading some blogs I know, and guess what I saw. Someone’s leaving, (I doubt it though) someone actually had this blog listed as his favorite, someone’s blog is actually missing, someone posts about global warming, and a number actually have paid posts in theirs. Most have theirs related to love. Hah. Good thing for my eyes. I’m not that late in updates. Or am I?

Sorry for those expecting the reply letter, by the way. I’ll try and do it after I detoxify. If I’ll be able to, that is.


Never have I been such in a quiet and calm mood these past few days. I have always been busy with video shoots, papers and some other things I cannot explain in-depth here due to personal reasons (which, you wouldn’t bother to know anyway). I have been a moving problem for six days at the least, and I never got enough sleep yet during the last January-February transition. And it’s already the 6th now, just in case you did not notice.

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Buypren, Gilpren

[Uhh, is this a pre-Valentine post in the making?]

What would it be like if a Ward 7 patient writes a letter to ‘her’ alleged ‘boyfriend?’ Let’s find out. The names used are highly-confidential, as such I will use their initials to hide their true ‘identities.’ Be good to me, it has been quite some time since I last did something like this. I hope you realize that as you read through the entirety of the message.

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