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Watch your back

Sometimes, even your best friends, can be your worst enemies. You may want to reconsider little fights you have encountered during the years, yet a simple act of deceit will cause the destruction of your relationship. Instead of defending you when you are down, some of them are even first ones to spread your flaws to the world. Over time, this character of your fiends or “frienemies” then develop, with you barely noticing it. Continue reading ‘Watch your back’


Goodbye, HELL-o

After seven full days of hardcore reviewing for exams and treating aching muscles and joints caused by sports involvement and some academic reasons, alas, the week ends with a quite entertaining stay in Star City with some of my blockmates and our respective first year buddies.

What’s with the title, anyway?

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We guys are used to teasing each other with every curse and karma that you can possibly think of; from a simple tanga to a hurtful (for sure) put_ngina, these words became a part of our everyday life in school. It may sound weird, but you could find us anywhere cursing while talking to each other and still laugh about the whole thing that we’re discussing. For us, it’s normal to include curses in ten out of 50 sentences we utter everyday, the same with hearing it from other people in the environment.

Soon this certain ‘language’ was combined with hand gestures, especially the pointing the middle finger to the person you are jokingly ‘flaming’. Modifications were made, to slightly decrease the impact of the meaning implied by the gesture, by using the ring finger instead of the ‘just’ and ‘rightful’ middle finger. We got used to it, and actually had fun while doing it during joke times and laughtrips while enjoying our break from classes.

But just recently, I did the usual thing of pointing the forbidden finger to somebody. I seldom do it, for I select certain situations when to do it and to whom I should point it. It may seem not important, you might guess. Sure, there would always be that possibility that I’d do it unnecessarily at some point in time, such as what happened. The worse thing though was, I pointed it to a GIRL, at a near point blank range, and she saw it coming.

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Picture Perfect

After all the years that have gone by, the smile in her face was still the same. He was still enthralled by the pretty face that greets him everyday – in his dreams. One thing he realizes is that he could never be with her whatever he does. Walking hand in hand with her was nearly impossible.

Knowing that hurtful fact, he still loves her – up to now.

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Once Upon A Time

As I was hopping through the blogosphere…

A glimpse of the former Airlines

…this image caught my attention once again.
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Running Out Of Saliva

It’s been quite a while since I last reported or delivered a speech in front of the class, especially now that I am in college, a time when oral reporting is seldom or perhaps, never used by students anymore. Acetates have already replaced the good old manila papers and cartolinas as visual aids, and photocopied handouts served as life-savers of a lot of crammers, who were not able to do what they were supposed to; thus getting away with the major task of speaking and elaborating their reports in class.

Just recently, I had to do it again.

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Senseless Holiday

I was just lying down at my bed doing nothing but cherishing the cold feeling that the bedsheet provides for me, one lazy Thursday morning. August 9. My mind-tacked schedule of activities says that I am supposed to take two long exams in Humanities II and Comm III this afternoon. But those are out of the line now, at least temporarily. Thanks to the news flash last night, which announced the suspension of classes today – including college students (luckily for UP too). Now we’re indulging ourselves the gift of a two-day school break. (Well not really, because there are still a lot to study about, but the extra time may come in handy.)

But really, should I be thankful?

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