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Love in LRT

Never have I seen a love as passionate as the one I witnessed a few days ago. Rarely do these moments get captured, since most of them happen in the most unlikely places six feet above ground. I just could not believe what I saw. Perhaps, I really was seeing the heart of the guy, pounding vigorously as they held hands together by the train. They were not minding the other passengers around them. Even the pilot’s tireless announcements of “kumapet laang pu tayu sa mga sipty handrils” – pronounced with mixed BatangueƱo and Visayan fashion, was of no effect at all. I don’t consider them one of those local PDA couples you see around, though. They just had their own world that time.

With my camera in hand, I gathered much strength and confidence to control my sweaty hands as I took a picture of them just before I got off the train. Luckily, I got a shot. And should I say, it’s the rarest and perhaps one of the best captures I’ve ever had in this camera. It was absolutely perfect.

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Ah, it’s the December bug (c/o Dan Hellbound) attacking almost every single blogger around. As the name suggests, it is a virus. A virus which attacks obviously during December, draining the writer out of everyone’s brain. All of a sudden, your thought bubble shuts down. Nothing comes into your mind, as if it was empty even before you think about it. The virus has already disrupted the way your neurons and grey matter works. The space for that 1.3 kilogram thing is now rendered useless. Nothing but air.

Now what? Is my blog going to be stagnant as well?

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Next to Godliness

Clean? Not.

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Indecisive Decisions


Decisions, decisions. They may be small and mundane, they may be life-changing. Putting your brain into good use through making decisions is nice, but sometimes it can cause you a lot. Really, a lot. Worse, they disappear without you knowing it.

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Fight or Flight?

After such a long and tiresome day, I decided to go home for a nice rest in my comfortable bed and get loads of tuna in my stomach. Going home with my whole mouth aching from the tightening of brackets in every piece of enamel inside it is hard, yes. But in my case, it’s not just about that one. I’m definitely in for some more thrill this time around. Why, you may ask?

I almost got robbed. Almost.

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Perfect Collision

He was driving a newly-painted Corvette one night. Though still half drunk, he steps on the pedal to go for a ride in a nearly barren and deserted freeway. Driving was his way to forget personal problems, not to mention his ‘occasional‘ drinking. With steering wheel in hand, he thinks he is in full control of his life, the same way he maneuvers his car. But this time, too many questions and doubts were clouding on his mind.

Too preoccupied with his current dilemmas, he forgets to pay attention on the road. To his surprise, he reaches a road block. He tries to swerve, but it was not enough to save him from slaughter. He tried to step on the brakes, but it was too late. The car was going straight to the steel concrete. Now, what was supposed to be a joyride for him will soon turn out to be a matter of life and death situation. Viewing it from the third person perspective, nothing can be done to stop the collision. It was simply inevitable.

Then, a loud crash was heard.

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