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After a few weeks since she passed it on to me, I managed to remember Karla‘s veeery wonderful tag. Well, it saved my creative juices, for now.

Here you will witness some of the truths about the ‘Arnel’ behind the blogosphere pseudonym. They may not be that influential to developing good terms with me, but I guess it could still be of help. Some may be unbelievable, though I suggest that you better believe them than not.

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Panic at the Desktop

Because of my stupid mouth hand in commenting at Karla’s post about a free view of her desktop, she also tagged me. Now as you are about to see, here’s a free view of my own desktop as this blog’s new post. So, I might as well join the bandwagon of screenshot tags. [EDIT: one more thing, as I was typing this entry, I accidentally typed Talamasca‘s title! Heck, sorry about that.]

Scroll just a little bit more and click.

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