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Return of the Comeback

By simply looking at the first word of this entry’s title, I guess you already know the topic of this very, very, very, VERY special blog entry.

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Rebirth of a Phoenix

Since I moved from Blogger Beta to WordPress, seeing myself typing a blog entry in Tagalog came to an end. Almost If not for the sake of formality in blogging, it seems that I do not have the capability to post Tagalog entries anymore. Is it just me or is the world turning into a revolving wreckage nowadays? Perhaps that is the reason behind all of it. Perhaps. But in reality, I do not know why.

And I do not know too, if it’s high time for a change, or for an end.

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Who’s He?

Yes, my dear readers (if you are still existing), blame the numerous exams that I have taken (and also about to take), I am currently not in the mood to create at least sensible paragraph out of daydreaming alone. It seems that staring at space does not work after all the time that I have spent blogging. I need some time to recharge my almost dying brain cells to produce some more creative juices out of my little container.

De-blogging aside though,what do you know about my online version? Some of you may know me personally but actually, most do not. It’s your turn now to criticize me, after asking questions in my previous blog. What do you expect me to be if ever we meet? How would you rather visualize me?

The comment box is waiting, and so am I. 😉

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