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Buypren, Gilpren

[Uhh, is this a pre-Valentine post in the making?]

What would it be like if a Ward 7 patient writes a letter to ‘her’ alleged ‘boyfriend?’ Let’s find out. The names used are highly-confidential, as such I will use their initials to hide their true ‘identities.’ Be good to me, it has been quite some time since I last did something like this. I hope you realize that as you read through the entirety of the message.

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Perfect Collision

He was driving a newly-painted Corvette one night. Though still half drunk, he steps on the pedal to go for a ride in a nearly barren and deserted freeway. Driving was his way to forget personal problems, not to mention his ‘occasional‘ drinking. With steering wheel in hand, he thinks he is in full control of his life, the same way he maneuvers his car. But this time, too many questions and doubts were clouding on his mind.

Too preoccupied with his current dilemmas, he forgets to pay attention on the road. To his surprise, he reaches a road block. He tries to swerve, but it was not enough to save him from slaughter. He tried to step on the brakes, but it was too late. The car was going straight to the steel concrete. Now, what was supposed to be a joyride for him will soon turn out to be a matter of life and death situation. Viewing it from the third person perspective, nothing can be done to stop the collision. It was simply inevitable.

Then, a loud crash was heard.

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Picture Perfect

After all the years that have gone by, the smile in her face was still the same. He was still enthralled by the pretty face that greets him everyday – in his dreams. One thing he realizes is that he could never be with her whatever he does. Walking hand in hand with her was nearly impossible.

Knowing that hurtful fact, he still loves her – up to now.

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It’s thirty minutes past five in the afternoon. I was trying to elude the tense air that was trapped inside our house, while reading the July edition of Reader’s Digest when suddenly I sensed some movement from the environment outside. The once calm wind turned into a batch of strong gusts, bringing along some leaves from the trees standing tall in the neighborhood. Droplets of water started to pour afterwards. After a long time, finally, the thirsty ground gets its well-deserved drink.

My concentration on reading the book was diverted all of a sudden. I turned my eyes on the window pane, and watched the raindrops falling gently from the sky to the pale ground. As the rain got stronger, my mind took its opportunity to break away from reality.

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