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Hello World. Short post ahead.

Lol. I hope the title already said it all.

Here’s to hoping I can still come.



It’s been days again since I last posted. Loser.

But hey, I am definitely not out of the game yet. I’ve been reading some blogs I know, and guess what I saw. Someone’s leaving, (I doubt it though) someone actually had this blog listed as his favorite, someone’s blog is actually missing, someone posts about global warming, and a number actually have paid posts in theirs. Most have theirs related to love. Hah. Good thing for my eyes. I’m not that late in updates. Or am I?

Sorry for those expecting the reply letter, by the way. I’ll try and do it after I detoxify. If I’ll be able to, that is.


Never have I been such in a quiet and calm mood these past few days. I have always been busy with video shoots, papers and some other things I cannot explain in-depth here due to personal reasons (which, you wouldn’t bother to know anyway). I have been a moving problem for six days at the least, and I never got enough sleep yet during the last January-February transition. And it’s already the 6th now, just in case you did not notice.

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Next to Godliness

Clean? Not.

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Fight or Flight?

After such a long and tiresome day, I decided to go home for a nice rest in my comfortable bed and get loads of tuna in my stomach. Going home with my whole mouth aching from the tightening of brackets in every piece of enamel inside it is hard, yes. But in my case, it’s not just about that one. I’m definitely in for some more thrill this time around. Why, you may ask?

I almost got robbed. Almost.

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The Wrong Pair Of Shoes

Two days of nothing but laughs, endless shots of wine and a sleepless night. Neon lights of green, red and blue wandering around the four corners of a very special place, for a very special someone. The dance begins.

Eighteen roses.


And I was the twelfth.

Sure, I had a lot of debut parties that I have already attended. It’s just that, I never knew I could dance like that. [This is more likely another long post. Thank you for the advanced and longer patience this time, I’d appreciate it.]

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Getting Crazy Back

Eleven talented groups. All from one college. Forty-five long years, and our beloved college is still standing proud. Another show on the silver screen has been a success. Almost. Unfortunately an accident occurs as a lively performer falls down on stage. Worse, the victim belongs to our group. But this did not stop our block to do our best. She even became our inspiration to go on and do all that we could, hence dedicate the rest of our performance to her.

Luckily, she walks (not literally though) away without a fractured bone. Well, a hurting butt maybe. But nah, the block (and someone else special perhaps?) loves her and that’s all that matters. And as for you, see you tomorrow, dear blockmate. And I do hope all’s well by then.

(This is obviously a totally random post. I’m still tired from all the laugh trip we’ve had. I’m sorry if you’ve been expecting.)

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