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Down, Down, Down

Tiningnan ko yung dati kong blog kani-kanina lang. Nagbasa ng mga pinaglumaan kong posts, natawa, nagdrama at natahimik pagkatapos. Ang laki na ng pinagbago ng mga posts ko simula nung lumipat ako ng WordPress. Nawala na yung mga dati kong sabaw na posts, parang bula. Habang tumatagal nagiging seryoso na yata ang pananaw ko sa buhay. Hindi ko akalain na ganito na ako katanda, o ka-mature. Pero hindi ko pa rin alam.

Gusto kong magmura, magdrama at maglabas ng hinanakit at sama ng loob kahit ngayon lang sa post na ‘to. Naiiyak ako. Shet. Napakasakit, Kuya Eddie. Ang sakit sakit. Kung pera lang sana ang luha, mas mayaman na ako ngayon kay Eddie Gil. Kaso nga lang hindi eh. Kaya eto, iiyak na lang ako.

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The Wrong Pair Of Shoes

Two days of nothing but laughs, endless shots of wine and a sleepless night. Neon lights of green, red and blue wandering around the four corners of a very special place, for a very special someone. The dance begins.

Eighteen roses.


And I was the twelfth.

Sure, I had a lot of debut parties that I have already attended. It’s just that, I never knew I could dance like that. [This is more likely another long post. Thank you for the advanced and longer patience this time, I’d appreciate it.]

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Getting Crazy Back

Eleven talented groups. All from one college. Forty-five long years, and our beloved college is still standing proud. Another show on the silver screen has been a success. Almost. Unfortunately an accident occurs as a lively performer falls down on stage. Worse, the victim belongs to our group. But this did not stop our block to do our best. She even became our inspiration to go on and do all that we could, hence dedicate the rest of our performance to her.

Luckily, she walks (not literally though) away without a fractured bone. Well, a hurting butt maybe. But nah, the block (and someone else special perhaps?) loves her and that’s all that matters. And as for you, see you tomorrow, dear blockmate. And I do hope all’s well by then.

(This is obviously a totally random post. I’m still tired from all the laugh trip we’ve had. I’m sorry if you’ve been expecting.)




Nang marinig ko ito ay naintriga rin ako tulad ng iba kong mga kasama. Akala ko nung una ay hindi ko ito magugustuhan, pero di nagtagal matapos kong makatikim ay nasarapan na rin ako. Madalas daw ay marami rito tuwing umaga, ngunit tanghali na nang amin itong subukan. Ganito pala ang pakiramdam. Mula noong araw na iyon ay hinahanap hanap ko na ang sex.

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All That Boom

Time surely flies. It’s already November and Christmas is fast approaching. But then hey, I think New Year is coming faster than we thought it is. I guess you know what I mean. (Glorietta 2, Bacoor, Batasan Pambansa anyone?)

Well, I’m still looking for that ‘boom’ in my second semester of my 2 years existence in this university. It has been quite a lame start, so far. And so this ends my lame post. I’ll be off for some hardcore brain-sucking.

Twisting the Arms of Fate

Sometimes, the sembreak does not inject fun running into my bloodstream anymore. The once happy thought has now suddenly disappeared. Hearing the word alone seems like the heavens have fallen down on my shoulders. Whenever sembreak approaches, what was supposed to be excitement is replaced by fear of having the enjoyment of life taken away for weeks. And the moment sembreak arrives and stops in front of me, I am like a cigarette addict waiting for that small stick of nicotine to touch my peckish lips again. And that nicotine for me is, surprisingly, school days.

But don’t get me wrong. Yes, way back when I was young, not to mention small, I love breaks. Who doesn’t, anyway? Even simple recess periods can make that tiny ‘dimple’ (yes, even in its not so obvious size, I actually consider it a dimple) in my left cheek appear and eventually put a smile in my face. Now that I’m approximately ten years older, my point of view about sembreaks and vacations in particular, were changed a lot. Doing the activities in the likes of sitting in the sofa with nothing to do but face either the idiot box or the computer is nothing but an old cliche now. Well, at least for me.

As the years pass by, school days have actually provided more fun now than when I was younger. The then doomsday for me is now my newly found heaven. Looks like the world is upside down for me now. I feel lighter when I am inside the four corners of an air-conditioned classroom rather than that in my own room. Perhaps I love the outside world better now. To add up to all of it, it seems that what my dad told me back in fourth year high school proves itself to be true.

Enjoy your high school and your future college life. They’re the best things education can give you. Consider the fun as a compensation for all the hardships you’ll get.

Well I guess that’s exactly what’s happening as of now. And in just a span of three days, the fun is about to begin, again. At siguradong magiging makulay na naman ang buhay ko.


Oh, come on. Since classes are about to start on the 12th, I guess I’ll be having a break for a short while. Two days, starting from now will do. So I won’t be seeing the blogosphere until then.

But wait, before I disappear, let me leave you with Jojo Alejar’s political joke about the Glorietta bombing incident. This was particularly said during the Tuesday episode of his ‘Sobrang Gud Nite Show with Jojo A, All The Way‘ on QTV11. He says it was a sorry mistake on the part of the terrorists who set up the bomb. The conversation goes:

Bomber 1: Pare, san nga ulit yung pasasabugin natin?

Bomber 2: Yung ano ata pare. Yung GLORIA ATA.

Bomber 1: Okay.

Err, quite a laughing matter, yes? Hello, Madam President.😉

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