Once Upon A Time

As I was hopping through the blogosphere…

A glimpse of the former Airlines

…this image caught my attention once again.

If you click on it, you’ll be redirected to a new page containing another blog, with the image shown above as its main header. This was the very first blog that I did, back in the 11th of August, 2006. Today is also August 11; therefore the blog celebrates its first birthday anniversary, which I choose to announce here.

So, how was this blog created?

Unlike other typical blogs that you read (I do not generalize though, if you think your blog also has a reason behind its creation), this blog was not made out of boredom, instead it was caused by a professor, as the first post was created out of frustration. The blog’s name was deeply affected, and so was the author’s screen name in the blogosphere. The character name ‘Loverboy’ was created by a then sixteen year-old guy, and he hid himself behind that pseudonym for some time.

The entries in the blog were not serious back in its first few months, until it acquired several readers, and turned into a more ‘personalized’ page. Now with more profound words contained in every sentence written everyday once or maybe twice a week, the blog manages to catch attention. And after a few tweaks in HTML and CSS, the blog author was able to find a suitable theme: airplanes, for he is a frustrated pilot in real-life. He thanks a good online (blogger) friend of his, Billycoy for the header image in his former blog, though sadly, it existed only for a few weeks.

Finally, after months and months (and months) of posts (both senseless and sensible) read and unique hits tracked, the newly-found airlines was able to grab the award for week 33 of Talksmart‘s blog poll. It also managed to climb its way to the prestigious Philippine Blog Awards 2007 and allowed the author to meet his fellow bloggers, and also to socialize with the people of Makati and around the country.

The pseudonym ‘loverboy’ was carried on until the blog came to a close, last July 19th, 2007. And then after a long rest, the ex-loverboy found his new home here. For certain reasons, he did not continue posting at the former blog anymore. Still, he counts the posts he makes here with the posts he made there. He keeps on coming back to his old blog to reminisce his older posts, showing how his writing has progressed through the time. Every post (especially the first one) to him at least, was worth remembering. Well, the previous blog surely made its name in almost a year of existence. Now, this hopefully better blog continues what the latter started.

What can I say? It’s been one hell of a blogging year. Oh, and happy birthday to you, ‘loverboy.’


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